August 2011 Issue

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August, 2011

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Riding on Hope

The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal

August  2011



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Summertime and the cycling is easy


It's August and summer is in full swing. It's toasty warm and the perfect weather for riding in the warm summer sun and feeling the cool breeze flow through our helmet vents. Ahhhhh.  

 Summer cycling

Why not take a mini vacation to read this issue of Riding on Hope? For this issue's soundtrack, we suggest Connie Francis' classic song, "Vacation".  Whether you're in the great outdoors and have a laptop or if you're jammin' inside in front of your desktop computer, take a break to take in the summer and smell the roses while they're still in bloom!


Fall tours a-comin'!



Summer is still going strong, but it won't be here forever. We're putting the final touches on our  Fall Tours, the Kootenay Mountain Tour and the Sunshine Coast Tour, which will begin on September 3rd in Vancouver. We've secured a wicked-awesome training week site at  Southland Farms and plans are cookin' like a yummy vegan shish kebab on a hot summer grill. Time is running out before the tours begin, so if you want one of the last remaining spots on the Kootnay Mountain Tour, apply now!


Be the Chane written in chalk 


Training Week Volunteers Wanted



On September 3rd, the members of the Kootenay Mountain Tour and the Sunshine Coast Tour will be joining for training week in Vancouver to prepare for their two-month long journeys- one eastward to Lethbridge, Alberta and one along the Sunshine Coast to Victoria.  


If you are available for all or part of September 3-10 to help out in the kitchen and/or share bike maintenance knowledge for the tours' training week, contact Kayla to hook it up!   


Rozzy with food 

Oh baby, Pappa-D has big news  

Darrell and Felix

Darrell and Felix 
Otesha staff member, Darrell "Pappa-D" Harvey and his partner, Katie, are expecting Otesha baby number two in November! Two-year-old big-brother-to-be, Felix, is very excited, taking advantage of the good weather by learning to pedal hard (so as to make room in the family bike trailer). One more way the Otesha family is growing!     
Wanted: Executive Co-Director 


With a new baby on the way, Darrell will be donning his daddy hat for an extended parental leave. That means we're looking to welcome aboard a new team member. Otesha is hiring an Executive Co-Director to help pilot the organization in new and innovative directions.  


Check out more here


 Cycling the globe

Manh, it's gonna be a great summer!

Shirley Manh
We'd like to extend an extra warm welcome to our new summer addition: Shirley Manh, Otesha's Development Director!

Shirley rode as a member of Otesha's Highlands and Islands Tour in 2010. We're thrilled to have the passionate and talented O-lumnus with us as Otesha grows!
Otesha's first 9-day tour successfully wraps


After nine days of cycling about, opening up dialogues and discussing ways to make local nutritious food more accessible to people in Ottawa, The Pedal to Plate Tour has returned! Farm visits, interactions with the work shares and meetings rounded out the summer tour's activities. Though many questions were posed and answered along the journey, reflections on how we fit into the political and social aspects of food as well as explorations of local food systems will continue.


Outdoor summer fun at Hillside 



 Otesha O-lumni arrived at the outdoor Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario with bicycles fully-loaded and an eagerness to introduce Hillsiders to Otesha. Hillsiders visited our table to play O-lumnus Kayla Siefried's (Kootenay Mountain Tour 2009, Sunshine Coast Tour 2011) new invention, Spin the Bike Wheel, and it was a huge hit! Visitors spun the wheel and braked to see where the big sunshine-yellow arrow landed. They answered trivia from The Otesha Book: From Junk to Funk. Visitors discussed topics ranging from our impact on sustainable food practices, to fair trade and clothing production with our O-lumni.

Seb Ramirez at the Hillside Festival in Guelph 
Seb Ramirez (Across the Rock 2008 and Great Lakes Tour 2009 O-lumnus) representin' Otesha at the Hillside Festival.  



In addition to our funky wheel game, O-lumnus Kira Burger (Algonquin Tour 2008 and Phenomenal Food Tour 2011) put on a well-attended workshop entitled 'Gizmos and Gadgets: The Secret Lives of our Electronics'. Workshop participants explored the social and environmental impacts of our high-tech lifestyles, from the extraction of the raw materials to their processing, shipping,consumption and disposal.


Postcard of the Month 
After every Otesha presentation, we invite our audience members to change the world by committing to one new hopeful action. Each individual receives a postcard, writes the action on the back, and if they complete the action, they mail it in to our office. We now have thousands of postcards from across Canada, and they are our proof that we are building a movement. Here's one of our favourites from this month:



  Another Hope sign tacked to a post

"I will take staggered showers for my entire stay here at Carleton University"

--Samantha Cheuk, age 17

Wish list
Thank you so much for the cereal boxes and fabric this past month.  We love taking in gently used items we can put to use!

Here are our current areas of need:

White office paper with one side (used) 
Desktop computer speakers
Digital camera
Curtains (floor length, colorful, with loops)  


Drop-offs are welcome between 9am and 5pm
from Monday to Friday at The Otesha Office (153 Chapel Street)
The Otesha Project / 153 Chapel Street / Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1H5 /
The Otesha Project | 153 Chapel Street | Ottawa | Ontario | K1N 1H5 | Canada