Biodiversity Edition

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June, 2012


Ferocious Farm Tour Team"Riding on Hope"

The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal

Biodiversity Edition


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We should perserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.”

- E.O. Wilson




Keep up to date with us!

We've got lots going here in the wonderful world of Otesha (play performances, workshop presentations, community events, and more!), so check out our Events Calendar to see what we've got planned in the coming months!

Black Out, Speak Out Campaign on June 4th

Many Canadians and various organizations will be blacking out their websites and social media profiles regarding The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act on June the 4th. For more information on how you can get involved and voice your opinion, check out their website here.

4 Upcoming Solar Workshops

Come learn what 40,000 Ontarians have already figured out: how investing in solar power provides a stable, long term financial return. Solar power generated by panels on rooftops can be sold to the province's electrical grid at a price that is guaranteed for 20 years. This payment is known as a "feed-in tariff," made possible by Ontario’s Green Energy Act. Come learn a step-by-step plan for installing solar power on your home. Don’t have a good rooftop? We will also discuss an opportunity to invest in renewable energy through the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative. For more information, click here or contact Janice Ashworth at 613-860-5353.



The Wild Oat, the Organic Affair in Toronto, is coming June 9th!

2012 WildOat Invite RSVP jpegCalling All Toronto-area Otesha supporters! Otesha is coming to the Big Smoke to host the Wild OAT, our annual Organic Affair in Toronto. As supporters of The Otesha Project, you are all cordially invited to our afternoon of tea, inspiration and delicious home-baked treats, of course!



 Please RSVP to so that we may reserve your seats  .  





**If you would like to host a table for you, your family, friends, colleagues or just about anyone that you want to introduce to Otesha, please get in touch with Natalie (




**If you have connections to places that can donate ingredients for yummy homemade treats, please get in touch with Jes (


A Year in Review: The Otesha Project's 2011 Annual Report
Otesha is a catalyst for change. In 2011 many seeds of change were planted by youth, educators, volunteers, supporters, organizations, farmers and individuals like you. Our community continues to grow and 2011 is a testament to the impacts that are taking root. Check out The Otesha Project's 2011 Annual Report.

Follow the Rising Tide Tour's Notes from the Road!
Notes from the Road are journal entries written by Tour Members as the team is cycling through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. They are posted about once per week here on our website. You can also follow the team's adventures daily as they Tweet! Click HERE to follow the Rising Tide Tour on Twitter.


Walking the Talk

Otesha is an advocate of using daily actions to create the kind of world we’d like to live in…
So what actions are we up to these days?

Otesha supports Katimavik and you can too!

Over the past three years, The Otesha Project has had the privilege to work with six Katimavik participants. All of these participants have contributed greatly to the organizational capacity of The Otesha Project by often taking on extra tasks above and beyond regular duties. Our Katimavik volunteers have also become an integrated part of our office and without their support in the past much of our work would not have been possible. The time that our Katimavik volunteers have put in over the last three years has made an incredible impact on our staff’s ability to focus on project based work and organizational priorities.
We sincerely hope that Katimavik’s project funding will be reevaluated, as we look forward to many more years of partnership. Join the discussion and contact your MP regarding saving Katimavik by going to the Katimavik Fans Facebook page.

Volunteer Opportunities

PowerShift Canada 2012! Get Involved...

Powershift will be a convergence of 1500 young people from across Canada in Ottawa this October to learn, network, develop skills for collective action, and build a movement for climate justice. PowerShift sees climate and environmental justice as intrinsically intertwined with other movements for social justice. While Powershift is centered on climate justice, they are also working towards Indigenous sovereignty, economic, social, racial, and gender justice.
Fill out this volunteer form to get involved!


O-lumnus Paul Baines returns for a new mission!

O-lumnus Spotlight!O-Lumnus Paul Baines story
Across the Rock ’08 O-lumnus Paul Baines will be back on his bicycle for a cause this summer. For four weeks this June and July, Paul will be biking around Lake Ontario collecting reports – text, photos, and videos - that capture people’s connection and concern for the Great Lakes bioregion. The digital storytelling project is part of Paul’s grander initiative: The Great Lakes Commons Map: a collaborative map that aims to frame and govern the Great Lakes as a Commons.
“The Commons approach that is needed for [The Great Lakes] is also a visionary direction for many other pressing local/global issues that escape any one political boundary or individualistic need. Think banking, housing, food production, media, and even the internet itself,” says Paul.
The map also represents a Commons; one that holds a collective wisdom and vision for protecting, sustaining and improving the Great Lakes basin. The map embodies an important concept and one that Otesha has long ascribed to: that the small contributions of many people can create something very valuable for all. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a Commons, a resource owned and shared collectively by communities, Paul’s website aspires to bring the idea home with context and examples.
You are invited to explore the map, browse around, share it with your networks, and even make a Report of your own. If you are interested in joining Paul in part of his cycling journey around the Lakes, or know people in the area open to being interviewed or to hosting the cyclists, drop Paul a note at

Otesha UK Birthday MapOtesha UK Spotlight!

A warm shout out to The Otesha Project UK on their recent birthday: celebrating 5 years of making change towards a better, more sustainable future.

For this special day, they enjoyed a celebration and gathering where they recollected wonderful memories from over the past 5 years, and are hoping for many more to come.

See the wonderful collage made for their anniversary celebration!



postcard of the monthPostcard of the Month
Hope Cards meet Bike Love 
The Otesha Project and One World Awesome Arts ( partnered to host a workshop for youth aged 6 to13 in the Ottawa area. After a discussion about how our actions impact the world, and what are some of the actions we can take that can help our planet, the youth planted pots and decorated the Otesha Hope Cards, which they stuck on local bikes to promote sustainable transportation! Way to go!

Website of the Month

Can you say by youth, for youth!?
Check out this organization started by a student in Grade 6!
The Worried Association of Kids for the Environment is a non-profit organization of kids and adults who strive to help the environment for a better future. WAKE is a Toronto organization, relating to environmental issues not only in their local community but also the entire world. For the month of June, WAKE is celebrating water and emphasizing the importance of water protection amongst humans and animals.
Do you want to get more involved with the WAKE organization? Well here’s your chance! The upcoming River Rally on June 8th at noon, taking place at the Grange Park (Toronto), is a great way to get involved with environmental justice.


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