December 2008 Journal

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December, 2008

Here at the Otesha House we’re spending our final days in the office seeing how low we can keep the heat and how small a snow-free path we can shovel to the door. We’re also thinking about everyone else out there in Canada that’s joined the movement this year. We’re thinking about all the gratitude hosts have given to teams, we’re thinking of all the helpful strangers we met and the beaming schools and camps that we’ve been welcomed to, we’re thinking about the beautiful communities we visited and the words of wisdom we’ve received on postcards from across the country; and we’re smiling. Thanks for being part of a movement of change. We hope you’re smiling too in this wonderful season of sharing.

Snow Tires and warm Fires,
The Otesha Crew
Mike Genevieve, Kelly, Jen, Melissa, Darrell and Carla

Organic Affair sprouts seeds of change 
On November 23, more than 300 Otesha friends and supporters gathered in Ottawa to celebrate six years of inspiring change with our 2008 Organic Affair. Folks drank fair trade tea, ate delicious organic apple pies made with locally-grown ingredients, and got a sneak peak of our brand new play, Reason to Dream, which we’ll be touring throughout Canada in 2009. It was an inspiring event that raised more than $14,000 to support Otesha’s education programs.

Thank you to all our friends and family both near and far for your immense support and generosity. You are a part of this movement, making it possible to inspire change and spread Otesha’s message of hope and sustainability, and for that, we are truly grateful.

The ride of a lifetime starts now
The snow may be falling, but Otesha’s 2009 cycling and performing are ready to hit the road! Seven tours. Seven provinces. And thousands of Canadians to inspire from coast to coast. Click here to apply now! And check out where we’re headed. Then tell your friends, tell you grandmother, tell your dog… tell everyone you know! Don’t miss out on the ride of a lifetime!

East Coast tours spin to a spectacular (and snowy!) finale
Our east coast tours spun to a wild (and snowy) finale in late October. The Rising Tide tour knocked the socks off huge audiences in Fredericton, while the Across the Rock tour went out with a flurry of fabulous performances and a Critical Mass ride in Canada's most easterly provincial capital. Check out the teams’ final instalments of Notes from the Road: Across the Rock and Rising Tide.

Here’s a taste of their two months of inspiration, impact and adventure:

Across the Rock Tour
Days on the road: 49
Total distance travelled: 1,700 km 
Performances: 27
Total audience: 2,724
Items of used clothing lost, traded or given away: 28
Number of blizzards: 2

Rising Tide Tour
Days on the road: 48
Total distance traveled between cities: 1,338 km
Provinces visited: 2
Total audience: 4,163
Number of flat tires on tour: 15
Number of flat tires in one day: 6!
Number of alternative transportation suggestions listed by Suzy News: uncountable!

Otesha goes live on YouTube
Never been on an Otesha tour? But always wondered what it’s really like? Check out our 2008 Tours video here. Laugh, cry, and be inspired! Then, join a tour!

Turn your Holiday Junk to Funk
Help tip the scales of change towards a more sustainable world – no wrapping required! This December order your very own copy of the Otesha Book: From Junk to Funk! It’s printed in vegetable ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper; plus it is one sweet honey of a read! Happy holidays!