December Journal

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December, 2007

Action Action Action

The past two months were so out of this world for Otesha that Mother Neptune and Mother Pluto are reported to have made some cameos in the "Morning Choices" play. Ohh. Bad joke. But honestly, it's been very exciting.

In this journal:  

  1. New staff
  2. Distributive structure
  3. 5th birthday fundraiser
  4. 2008 Bike Tours launching soon!
  5. Website of the month
  6. Postcard of the month

1) New staff

Wow! At the beginning of November we were thrilled to welcome four new hooligans to our happy office crew. Kat, originally from North-eastern Ontario, and acting as an outdoor educator before joining Otesha's Lake Superior Bike Tour, joins the staff team as a Program Director. Jen also pedaled with Otesha this fall, and will be putting her degree in business and international development to use as Otesha's Outreach and Development Director. As a journalist and radio producer, Darrell has worked as a correspondent on four continents, reporting on environmental and human rights issues, and brings his media moxy and program management experience to Otesha's bike tours as a Programs Director.  Last but not least, Katie originally joined Otesha as a member of the Lisgar Triple-H team and has recently become our newest intern keeping us laughing and helping with all of our programs.

2) Distributive structure

Over the past few months we have been experimenting with a distributive organizational structure. Our roles within the organization have become more flexible, and all staff have equal responsibility and rights. We are dividing tasks based on our interests and skill sets. This new structure better reflects our ideals, and we hope it will create an environment where creativity and efficiency can flourish. Over time we will be building a section of our website to share our organizational processes with other interested groups -- so stay tuned!

3) 5th birthday fundraiser

 We are still bubbling with excitement about our fifth anniversary celebration that took place on November 18. More than 250 Otesha lovin' supporters showed up to help celebrate our accomplishments and to demonstrate their support for the work that we are all so passionate about. Our deepest thanks to all who came out!

This support is particularly important to us as we transition away from a reliance on grant-based funding, towards community based funding. The event was extremely successful in raising funds for Otesha's programs, and it also showed that Otesha supporters are willing to give much more than money. For example, we were offered translation services, contacts in high schools that are interested in Triple-h, and training space for our programs. 

At this event we also released a new slideshow that we are very proud of. Please click here to see it. Special thanks to Darrell and Jen for creating this inspiring presentation.

4) 2008 Bike Tours launching soon!

Following hot on the heels of our most successful Bike Tour season ever, Otesha will soon be unveiling its 2008 Cyclng and Performance Tours! Keep your eyes open for the announcement, and be sure to check out the website for application details. 

Our bike tours really are what dreams are made of. We love 'em. Bike tour members love 'em. Schools all over Canada love 'em. Look at what our five bike tours accomplished in 2007:

  • Distance traveled: 9,600 km
  • People reached: 13,541
  • Performances: 221
  • Communities visited: 124
  • Team members: 84

Thanks heaps to all tour members who volunteered for two months to make this big success possible!

5) Website of the month

The Otesha Project is helping launch, a new online community where individuals, non-profit organizations and forward thinking companies unite to accelerate social change. Check out our profile at

To activate your own profile that will already be allied with The Otesha Project, click here:

Once you're a rethos member, we can use the site's tools to work together on campaigns, take part in solution-oriented discussions and stay connected on events and opportunities.

6) postcard of the month

"I will make sure I buy organic or if I can fair trade fruit, especially bananas (my family eats a ton of them!).

Carly, 13, Golden, B.C.