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December, 2014

Riding on Hope - The future of Otesha


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Riding on Hope 
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal
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“Being on an Otesha tour meant that we would spend the next two months cycling on our bikes to bring a little sparkle of hope and inspiration to communities and students.” 

-- Tricia Enns, 2012 Tour Member


This holiday season, you can help bring that sparkle of hope and inspiration to thousands more youth across Canada. 


Happy Giving Tuesday everyone! 


Baby Freddy

November was an exciting month for Otesha. Not only did we announce our 2015 bike tour slate, but Otesha board member and tour Olumni Amber Seeds welcomed her beautiful daughter Freddy into the world! As this second generation Otesha-ite begins her journey in life, what better time to think about the road ahead and the kind of future we’re building for her? 


With your support, it can be a hopeful one. 


In the face of climate change, the growing gap between rich and poor and other complex sustainability challenges, a hopeful future can be a tough sell. It’s often easier to respond with fear and cynicism. Of course, that’s not how Otesha rolls. No, for more than 10 years, our response has been one of unabashed optimism and empowerment—a response that has touched the lives of 165,000 Canadians and counting! 


This year was no different. In 2014, our sustainability-focused cycling and performing tours reached nearly 5,000 youth, inspiring them to embrace socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles. Next year, our goal is 10,000, but we need your help to make that happen


Since the beginning, our cycling tour members have been the beating heart of our organization, delivering Otesha’s funky brand of eco-education. And while these dynamic Couriers of Hope do their part to help cover the tour costs, they can’t do it alone. 


With fewer and fewer grant dollars available, we need your help more than ever to support these changemakers. You’re the grease on their chains, the wind at their back, the organic peanut butter sandwich in their bellies. If you’re able, help us sustain another year of programming. 


Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 so we can reach 10,000 youth in 2015. 


When you give to The Otesha Project, you aren’t just helping us to coordinate cycling tours and deliver presentations. You’re supporting a shift towards a sustainable future. You’re supporting a movement driven by young people who are walking the talk and showing their peers how to do the same. As a small organization, every dollar really counts, and whether you chip in as a monthly donor or make a one-time contribution, all donations over $20.00 are tax-deductible. 


This holiday season, give the gift of hope. Together, we’ll continue to build a brighter future—for Freddy, for Otesha, for all of us! 


Bike tubes and gratitude, 


Josh Martin 

on behalf of The Otesha Project 


P.S. If online donations aren’t your cup o’ fair trade tea, you’re welcome to send a cheque to: 


The Otesha Project
404 McArthur Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 1G8











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