It's Getting Hot in Here!

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July, 2007

Folks at the Otesha Office are rocking away to Stan Rogers in the sweltering summer heat in preparation for the Lake Superior Tour as the East Coast and Maritime Team sweats up a cycling storm of hopeful hooliganism! These biking dudes and dudettes are trekking their way through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI to make the Canadian East an apathy free zone at all the camps, libraries and community centers these youth make their dramatic entrance at.  As if these passionate, world changing cyclists in their spandex biking shorts aren’t hot enough, the Maritime Team heated up the screen with their two wheeled revolution on CBC PEI while the East Coast spread their message of hope on South Shore Now. With these two teams leaving a smokin’ trail behind them, the Otesha message is sure to catch fire. Bring on the heat (along with several camel packs, organic soy ice-cream and shadelicious trees of course)!


In this journal:

1) Jammin’ with the Maritime and East Coast Teams!
2) Notes From Canada’s Young Activists Book Launch 
3) Accommodations Needed for Some Fine Folks! 
4) Link of the Month
5) Postcard of the Month

1) Jammin’ with the Maritime and East Coast Teams!

 Want to see some fabulous youth in action? The summer performance schedule for the Maritimes and East Coast Tours are now available. If you are planning to be in the Maritimes this summer, please check us out! If you can’t be with us in person, see us funkafying the screen on CBC PEI (Otesha is about 11 minutes into the clip) and South Shore Now. Also, be sure to visit the Maritime and East Coast Journals and Photos as this team performs, cycles, culture jams and spreads their world changing energy and fun all the way through July and August.

2) Notes From Canada’s Young Activists Book Launch

Busy on August 8 at 7:00 p.m.? If no, GRRRREAT! If yes, clear your schedules because Otesha will be at Octopus Books in Ottawa! Jess and two other awesome contributors will be launching the bookNotes From Canada’s Young Activists, an awesome compilation of essays from inspirational activists across Canada. This event will definitely make for a fun filled night as Otesha always knows how to make for a swelltastic good time. So mark this event off on your calendar and come on out.

3) Accommodations Needed for Some Fine Folks!

The Maritime and East Coast Team is still looking for backyards, Church basements, open fields or any other (free!) places to pitch their tents and lay out their sleeping bags in O’Leary, Prince Edward Island (August 17-18) and Cole Island, New Brunswick (August 23). If you know of anyone who might have information or contacts for them, email She would love it if you did!

4) Links of the Month

On August 11th, satisfy your biking legs and love for urban agriculture by joining Just Food on their Urban Agriculture Bike Tour. Learn about food security in Ottawa on a 15 km bike tour from BUGS garden to Riverglen Farm as you sample yummy vegetables in all their local, organic goodness along the way. To find out more, and to register for the bike tour, please call Asha Philar at (613-236-9300 x301) or  See for more!

 There are also some great grant opportunities at Do Something for young people under 25 who are partaking in or creating community action projects-like starting a Triple H Team! If you’re interested, check out their online application,, .

5) Postcard of the Month

 “Ride my bike…everyday! And I’ve got the 60 second shower down! (thrift stores rule!)” – Rowan, 17