July 2009 Journal

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July, 2009

Otesha Seeks New Volunteer Board Members

Otesha’s Board of Directors has been working hard with Otesha staff to develop an effective system of organizational governance since 2007. We’re motivated by the fact that a well-run Board can provide accountability, guidance, and support to any organization - even to those world-changing, visionary, upstart organizations like Otesha.
Otesha’s Board of Directors offer checks and balances on the organization to ensure that Otesha remains fiscally and ethically sound and achieves its mission to the best of its ability.  The board instills trust in the eyes of our donors, stakeholders and the public, and provides institutional memory. 
This summer, our current five-member Board is looking forward to taking on up to three new members who would ideally live in the Ottawa area. For detail regarding the time committment, benefits of being a board member, qualifications sought & the application process, please follow this link.

Nominations & seconds are due by Saturday August 1st. A big high-five for your interest!

The Mountains & Praries Share Wisdom Earned in the Saddle  

Pedals have been pushed, theatrical voices raised, bike butt battled, vegan carrot cake devoured!  The first two Otesha tours of 2009 completed their respective journeys - cue fireworks! - at the end of June.

After 7 weeks of touring together and over 1550 intercity kilometers covered, the Kootenay Mountain Tour (KMT)discovered that there is no word more blasphemous and blessed than “oatmeal” & that riding a bike is next only to skydiving in terms of thrill and fun. Details on these discoveries and more in their notes from the road.

After their 1300 kms, the Prairie Sky Tour (PST)  came up with the following top 3 ingredients for a bike tour. #3 Love of smell- yours and your neighbours.  #2 Bike Love - Value your relationship with your bike. Give it a name & personality!  ...and, the top ingredient for an Otesha Bike Tour... #1 Group Love - Hugs, Smiles & Laughter. Hear about their final days in their notes from the road

Both the KMT & PST were outrageously successful at reaching out to the communities they travelled through using their versions of the Otesha play, with a combined total of 54 powerful performances and over 5,702 audience memebers awed! One Social Studies Teacher in Alberta remarked, “Many kids in my class DO get it now....even the hard core ‘I can’t go without my designer jeans for a day’ kids. One of my kids said she went home and told her mom not to buy bottled water anymore!!!!!!”

Congratulations, KMT and PST!

Reveal Your Wild Side

What have you done because of Otesha?

Gotten a tattoo? Shaved the word Otesha into your hair? Named your cat Otesha? Sold your car? Organized a massive toilet-damming party?

We’re writing a book that is all about the impact that Otesha has had on people, places and things. We want to capture the magic, and to do that we need your input! In 2 sentences, tell us the wildest, coolest or craziest thing you’ve done as a result of The Otesha Project, and you might end up in vegetable ink in our forthcoming post-consumer-recycled-paper Reason to Dream book!

Please email your great little story to jennifer@otesha.ca.

Spreading the Jam: Otesha in the News

Spreading the jam with random acts of kindness - People passing through Comox, BC, town circle last Wednesday were serenaded and praised by a group of strangers: our very ownSunshine Coast Tour! “It really brings it home how beautiful it is to have humans being humans together,” said team member Ash Ligate. Read about it

Prairie Sky Tour rides the radio waves post-tour, discussing the Otesha play and memorable tour moments. You candownload it here, courtesy of www.makingthelinksradio.ca.

Can’t get enough of the Otesha Play? Here is a new version for you: Trent University’s Global Living Community learned the Otesha play and performed at local Peterborough elementary schools

Karen McCallum, 19, is an upcoming member of the Rising Tide Tour, and she’s jumpstarting things by getting in the news!  “For me, entertainment and the environment go together naturally,” Karen said to a news reporter recently. “They’re both about community”. Karen also shares her environmental enthusiasm, and reveals her busking background. Read about it.

The Office Family Grows 

Two weeks ago Otesha office prayers were answered. Delivered right to the doorstep: Two new Super Summer Interns!

Katrina and the Waves: The first arrival was Katrina (right), long haired and bike greasy, fresh off of the Prairie Sky Tour. She ambitiously brought her climbing harness, her new love for Saskatchewan and the journal Briarpatch, and of course her bike, Black Betty the Beast (*honk, honk*).

Jodie and the Pussycats
: The second was Jodie (left), beaming but for the tear in her eye for her dear friend Montreal.  She came ready with books and a jar of organic mango jam. She teaches English on the side and... wants to learn to make mango jam.  

While Jen and Kelly are off on vacation (somewhere the weather is better), Jodie and Katrina are book-marketing, gear-packing, shed-cleaning, tour-coordinating, RTT-training, and run-on sentencing, up, up, and away!

So You Think You Can Sing?

The Sunshine Coast Tour has been stirring things up on the coast with their tremendous musical talent, check out this clipof their very creative introduction to the Otesha Play. It ROCKS.

Postcard of the month

After every Otesha presentation, we invite our audience members to change the world by committing to one new hopeful action. Each individual receives a postcard, writes the action on the back, and if they complete the action, they mail it in to our office. We now have thousands of postcards from across Canada, and they are our proof that we are building a movement. Here’s one of our favourites from this month:

“This week I’ll give tons and tons of hugs.  Because they make people smile and feel accepted.  I’ll also walk everywhere instead of making my momma drive me.  That was a great presentation.  It made me more aware.  smile  heart

Danielle, 15