March 2010 Journal

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March, 2010


How do you spell "Reason to Dream?" O - T - E - S - H - A
Riding on Hope   
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal   
March 2011      
Riding Without Training Wheels
Why Otesha?
For You: Performaces
For You: Workshops
Volunteer Opportunities
Postcard of the Month
Painting Pizza Party
March 5, 2011


Hopeful Home Tour: visit us!
March 7, 2011 
For details & to RSVP: 


Training Week  

May 1 to 7, 2011




Support our Riding Without Training Wheels Campaign 


Since 2003, The Otesha Project has launched 27 cycling and performing tours. We have trained over 400 sustainability advocates. We have reached more than 100,000 youth in Canada. Together, we are building a hopeful, sustainable future.


Training Wheels Off!


This year we are dropping our training wheels . 2011 will be our first year - ever - without  any governmentfunding, grant funding or corporate sponsorship. This means that we will be able to focus on doing what we do best: creating change. This year we need to raise $20,000 to ensure that we can ride on our own and keep  the wheel of change turning.




This month, we would like you to consider supporting a week ($1,250) a day ($200) or aworkshop ($50) for a team of passionate change-makers who are riding across Canada tobike on the roadempower youth to take action on some of the most important issues that face our generation. Contribute to The Otesha Project's movement towards a sustainable world.


With your help, we can ride without our training wheels and continue to support youth in changing the world.


Bike grease & gratitude,


Jen, Genevieve, Darrell, Matt, Katrina, Kira & Guy


Why Pedal Your Way to Action? 

be the change tour


A future tour member who applied yesterday talks about why she wants to go on an Otesha tour:


"To learn more about our Earth.  

To share.  

To help build community.  

To meet and connect with different people in different ways.  

To get fit.  

To learn how I want to live my life in a resilient manner.   

To see wonderous vistas.  

To continue to learn how to deal and talk to different people.   

To experience a challenging adventure."


Perhaps your students, your neighbours and your bowling team should get on their bikes and apply for a tour today! 


We Want to Perform for You!

Here's where our tours will be headed in Ontario between May and June. to connect with us. 


Acton - Alliston - Almonte - Ancaster - Belleville - Bowmanville - Brampton - Brantford - Brighton - Caledon - Cayuga - Cookstown - Creemore - Drayton - Espanola - Etobicoke - Everett - Forest - Georgetown - Glencoe - Goderich - Guelph - Hamilton - Hillsburgh - Innisfil - Kincardine - Kingston - Kitchener/Waterloo - Lion's Head - Little Current - London - McVicar - Mindemoya - Napanee - New Hamburg - Oakville - Owen Sound - Paris - Petrolia - Perth - Peterborough - Picton - Port Perry - Sarnia - Smiths Falls - South Baymouth - St Thomas - St. Marys - Stratford - Sudbury - Tobermory - Toronto - Uxbridge - Walkerton - Wallaceburg - Wiarton - Westport - Woodstock 



Theatre Playground

Workshop creates compost for the new Otesha play

Play workshop participants had fun this past weekend, providing seeds and creative compost, dirt, water and sunshine to Guy Marsan and Jennifer Boyes-Manseau, who will be growing the next Otesha play. This workshop was phase 1 in developing the play that will be taken the road with the People's Performance Tour. If you'd like to take part in a future workshop or want to know more, contact Guy at 


Earth Week is coming: Invite us over!


Otesha has a shiny, sparkling new workshop and we're eagerearthday logo to show it off!  If you're interested in bringing some energetic environmental and social justice educators into your Ottawa classrooms thisEarth Week (April 18-21), we are ready to wow you with either of our two workshops:



A Maze of Maize: Stories of Corn
Discover the many ways in which corn finds its way into our daily lives, and explore its effect on biodiversity and the environment, on local economies and agriculture, and on our own health.  


The Banana Workshop: Cradle to Grave

Using bananas as an example, participants explore issues of agriculture, transportation and the impacts of each layer of the production chain on communities and the environment.



Both workshops are ideal for groups of 10-30, and are about 45 minutes - 1 hour in length.

To arrange a workshop, contact Katrina at 613 237 6065 or


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Volunteer Opportunities 
This winter we have the following volunteer openings. Please express interest, including the position you're interested in and your current resume.

Painting Pizza Part

Ottawa, March 5, 2011 

To prep our new office space, we're hosting the most colourful painting party ever. Come on out and wield a roller brush. We'll be getting the festivities started at 10 am, and a yummy pizza lunch will be provided. Please contact Darrell at if you're interested in taking part. No painting experience necessary.  



Training Week Cooks  

Kitchener, ON, May 1 to 7, 2011 

You love food, would enjoy some time away from the city, or would have a blast living vicariously through an Otesha bike team's experience at training week? We've got just the recipe for you!



-  Pick a few hours, days or a whole week of availability from May 1st to May 7th, 2011

-  Add 2-3 cups of all-purpose laughter (while playing horseshoe or swimming at the beach when not prepping food)

-  Sift in a few healthful sessions of crying with joy (while chopping onions or seeing the beautiful faces of the eager tour members)

-  Combine a handful of delicious meals, feeding a happy bunch of forever grateful people

-  Bake by the campfire with songs

-  Let beginnings of friendships simmer

-  Return home recharged


Don't miss your chance to volunteer at the launch of the People's Performance Tour and the Phenomenal Food Tour. Email for more info.


Promotion Person

Timeline:  5 hours a week, March


Help get Otesha's message out to the masses, inviting new populations to come on a bike tour. 

Skills needed - strong editing abilities, attention to detail, understanding of Otesha a plus.

Website of the Month

"We have no obligation to make history.

We have no obligation to make art.

We have no obligation to make a statement.

To make money is our only objective."


- former Disney CEO Michael Eisner 1


Number of radio stations, local television stations, and cable stations owned by the Disney Corporation: 66, 10, and 12 respectively (including all of the ABC network).1



We'd like to give a Thumbs up! to small, independantly owned local news networks going digital to connect with a broader reader base.  Ottawa's Peace & Environment news is now available to everyone for free here: 



1 References can be found in the Otesha Book


Postcard of the Month

After every Otesha presentation, we invite our audience members to change the world by committing to one new hopeful action. Each individual receives a postcard, writes the action on the back, and if they complete the action, they mail it in to our office. We now have thousands of postcards from acros

s Canada, and they are our proof that we are building a movement. Here's one of our favourites from this month:



"I have implemented ' if it's yellow let it mellow' fully at home! (like at our cottage - but  I had not carried the practice home on a regular basis)"

- Jane, 59, Ottawa ON  


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Wish list

Thank you so much for the cerial boxes and fabric this past month.  We love taking in gently used items we can put to use! Here are our current areas of need:   


A Stove! Are you remodeling? We'd love your old one.

Boxes - sturdy cardboard ones for moving  

Functional computer mice   


We're also gratefully accepting pre-loved paint rollers, brushes and paint pans  

(before March 5!)


Stuff we have for you!  
Would you be interested in fabric for your next crafty creation? 
We have lots we can't use, call us for more info! 


Drop offs are welcome between 9am and 5pm 
from Monday to Thursday at The Otesha House (72 Riverdale Ave.)