November 2011 Issue

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November, 2011

Katimavik volunteer

In Search of Changemakers
Seeking new members!

The Otesha Project is now accepting applications for 2012 Bike Tours. We want YOU on our volunteer team as part of a mobile sustainable community.
What does it mean to be an Otesha Tour Member?Katimavik volunteer
Tour members tour on their bikes with a group of hopeful, energetic young people that are "walking the talk" as a mobile sustainable community. Along the way, tour members deliver a thought-provoking play and workshops that opens up dialogue about environmental sustainability and social justice issues to empower Canadians to create positive change with their personal choices. Visit for more information.

Katimavik volunteer

The Otesha Project's 2012 Tours

The Otesha Project offers enriching physical adventures that challenge you to live more sustainably. Our 2012 performing and cycling tour descriptions can be found below. You can apply online here!
Rising Tide Tour
Fredericton to Halifax
May 1, 2012 - June 21, 2012

Feel the pull of the moon as you circle the Bay of Fundy. Ride the waves of change with Otesha’s newest play, “Taking Action” -- spark dialogue about sustainable living in the communities of the Annapolis Valley. Spring into action this year with sweeping coastal panoramas - can you hear the fiddle sound?

Apply by March 1.

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Water Works Tour
Kitchener-Waterloo to Ottawa
Sept 1, 2012 - Oct 22, 2012 

Be part of the ripple effect - sign on with a bubbling team of volunteers to pedal the shores of Lake Huron, the Georgian Bay, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Connect with people who are working for the health of the watershed. Flow from shore to school with Otesha’s newest play, provoking students to consider their role in responsible water use. Bring new meaning to the words “water cycle”!

Apply by May 1.
Map Reading 
Phenomenal Food Tour
Kitchener-Waterloo to Ottawa
Sept 1, 2012 - Oct 22, 2012

Romp across Ontario’s fields and gardens, wiggle your fingers in the soil and expand your experience of what it means to eat sustainably. Bring your harvest into the classroom by serving up workshops and theatre performances about our food choices. Absorb the feast of fall colours and the bounty of the fields.

Apply by May 1.

An empowering experience

"Travelling in a sustainable community and re-evaluating the actions you take each day isn't easy, but it is tons of fun and an eye-opening and empowering experience" 
--2009 Otesha Tour O-lumnus
Get your application in soon before tours fill up

Also stay tuned in 2012 for more info about our shorter tour, The 9-day Shift.

Cheers and bicycle gears, 
The Otesha Project
Seeking new members (sitting)!

Pass it on

Your word of mouth is our best resource to spread the word about this opportunity message. Please share this email with youth (18-30ish) that you know; listservs that might be interested; post to volunteer boards and pass it on to your best friend, your teacher, your cycling buddies, and the other changemakers you know! 


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