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November, 2004

November always seems to be a cold and dreary month, but Otesha is currently undergoing many bursts of activity across the country!

In the past month we have spoken to hundreds more youth at different high-schools and conferences. We have also accepted 9 amazing highschool teams into our Triple-H program. Their applications just blew us away, so our plan of training 5 teams just had to grow to accommodate the wonderful number of hopeful hooligans who came our way!

The Otesha book manuscript is also in its final editing stages and we are hoping to have the revolutionary pages ready to rock by January. Be sure to stay tuned to get your request in early… we think they might disappear as fast as organic, vegan, hotcakes : )

The Coast 2 Coast bike tour team is almost completely formed and this coming weekend in Halifax, the coast 2 coast crew is hosting a focus gathering. Over 16 young people will be brought together to participate in a massive Otesha brain-cane (a brain-storm at hurricane intensity), sharing learnings, experiences and tons of fun!

Dec.6th is also an exciting day here at Otesha as we will be launching our regional bike tours with a downloadable application form on the Otesha website to become a team member. If you are interested in applying or know someone else who is then be sure to tell them to check it out!

And last but not least with Buy Nothing Day celebrations upon us (buy nothing day takes place this Friday, on the biggest shopping day of the year), we have decided to offer something of great value for absolutely no cost to all we come across: free unlimited hugs for all : )

Happy Buy Nothing Day everyone!

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The Otesha crew

p.s. check out our debut in the country's biggest newspaper! Yippee!

Toronto Star, Tree Hugging that's easy to embrace