O is for...October (and Otesha!)

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September, 2006

Energy – by which we mean the good, spirited kind as opposed to the kind that, when produced from non-renewable resources, causes environmental devastation – was high at the Otesha office this September. Local sustain-a-bots have linked this to the arrival of our two new full-time staff members – Shoshanah and Michelle, or Sho and Elle for short. Their ideas, experiences and spunky outlooks are already being channeled into Otesha’s five-year plan. That’s right, folks, even more Marvelous Mayhem will be pouring forth from this here Manor.

Luckily for the O-team mobile reporting squad, Elle and Sho were able to break away from spreadsheets, letters of inquiry and budget projections for a couple minutes to share their thoughts after three weeks of O-work. (This was, in fact, a stroke of good fortune because the O-Team mobile reporting squad had used up most of its reporting time trying to load awkwardly-sized recording devices onto bicycles – no news vans around here!)

Elle: “I feel a great excitement pass through me as I link up with potential Triple-H teams, research tour routes, get prepared to put out the bike tour callout, and think of all those who will be affected!”

Sho: “Generating Otesha’s alternative income stream is the biggest project I’ve had under my wing – luckily I get a kick out of planning and organizing and I feel grateful to be able to put so much of myself into this process.”


Current events:

Program: The Hopeful High school Hooligans (Triple-H) callout went out a week ago and a few teams have already applied! They let us know that they were super excited to take part in this program that enables and empowers students to deliver theatre presentations in their communities about the positive impact we can all make each and every day through our choices.

Event: It was Car-Free Day on Friday, September 22nd and Otesha celebrated by setting up a booth at Ottawa University, at an event that was coordinated by Green Campuses. Folks who stopped by were able to make their own bike thank-you tags (little anonymous love messages that you can tie on to handlebars, bells and seat posts of bikes around town) and to generally get Oteshafied.

Advisory Board: Otesha has set up an Alumni board made up of past Otesha participants to give input and feedback on Otesha’s plans and actions.


Down the bike path:

Website: We are in the process of creating a fabulous new interactive web resource for Otesha Alumni that will allow for networking with and locating other Oteshans.

Bike Tours: The bike tour callout will be sent out the 16th of October, and we are currently deciding the routes for the five 2007 regional tours. We’d appreciate input, so please email info@otesha.ca by Oct. 5th with a 1000 km route, an explanation of why you think that area should be visited by Otesha’s happy band of bikers, and any and all contacts you may have for presentations, accommodations, or other friends we should meet!

Newsletter: We are planning a major facelift for this newsletter starting next month. We hope to make it even more relevant, inspiring, and useful by including more information in a different format. Ideas that have come up include: a calendar of programs/events, a Signs of Hope section with inspiring tidbits, a Susty Tip-o-the-Month, and a section featuring other Otesha network news (i.e. anything you’d like to let the rest of our network know about). Emailinfo@otesha.ca to contribute your own ideas or pass along positive news, tips, or info on great projects we should check out!


Thanks for reading...until next month!