Otesha is on the Road!

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May, 2007

Have you heard?! Otesha is finally back on the road and these hopeful hooligans won’t stop until they’ve Oteshafied every school and community in BC with our funktastic message of hope and sustainability. The month of May has been a chaotic one indeed, but in a beautifully wonderful way of course! This month marks 5 years since the first Otesha tour began in May 2003 and with the Rocky Mountain and Sunshine Coast Tour currently in full swing, this rocking Otesha revolution is just beginning as the East Coast, Maritimes and Lake Superior Tours have yet to get their pedals going.  And fresh off the Sunshine Coast and Rocky Mountain Tour, Jess and Michelle (who were out training the tours) are finally back in Ottawa! After uphill pedaling, burnt oatmeal and sweaty, shower-free cuddling sessions, we want to welcome them back home with an incredibly huge and slightly less fragrant snail hug. 

In this journal:

1) Bike Tours on a Roll!
2) Otesha UK Gets Started! 
3) Notes From Canada’s Young Activists Book Launch
4) Presentation Opportunities and Accommodations 
5) Tour Members Still Needed!
6) Links of the Month
7) Postcard of the Month

1.Bike Tours on a Roll!

A fabulous training week in Vancouver at UBC farms took place at the beginning of May.  Tour members from both tours came together to learn about Otesha, develop their performance, dance with the ‘Bicyclettes’, fix bikes at PEDAL, and build the foundation of their mobile community.  Despite the rain and a few leaking tents spirits were high and the week was a huge success! 
The Rocky Mountain tour is on its way to Calgary and these hardcore cyclists recently made it up the Coquihalla highway. The Sunshine Coast tour is almost at the northern tip of Vancouver Island and has made eight performances along the way. To check out some great photos and hear more about each team’s journey check out their on-line journal at:

Rocky Mountain Tour Time!


Happenins’ on the Sunshine Coast
2. Otesha UK Gets Started!

Liz McDowell, the new Executive Director of Otesha UK, also joined in for training week fun, and for a week of riding on the Rocky Mountain Tour. The first cross-atlantic board meeting was held last week, and Liz and the Otesha UK Board of Directors discussed plans for the first UK bike tour to take place in the summer of 2008. We are all very excited to watch the organization grow and to see the Otesha message spread across the ocean!

3. Notes From Canada’s Young Activists Book Launch

The Otesha friendleagues will be holding an uber fun book launch in Ottawa for the new book Notes From Canada’s Young Activists. Not only has the lovely Jessica Lax contributed to this book, it’s is also filled with inspirational essays written by young activists throughout Canada. The location is still unknown but this exciting event will be held on June 25th, so keep on checking the website and look out for the June Journal for updates. 

4. Presentation Opportunities and Accommodations 

Otesha has 3 more bike tours getting ready to kick off this summer.  Be part of our biggest summer ever! We are still seeking presentation opportunities and accommodations in for our next 3 tours!  If you can help on the Maritimes (Halifax to Moncton via PEI) or East Coast (Halifax to Moncton via the NS South Shore and Bay of Fundy) tours, contact barbara@otesha.ca. To connect with the Lake Superior Tour (Winnipeg to Sudbury), contact jason@otesha.ca. Full itineraries are available at: http://www.otesha.ca/bike+tours/index.en.html

5. Tour Members Still Needed!

Interested in pedaling with Otesha this summer? Lucky for you, we still have spots available on our East Coast, Maritimes and Lake Superior Tours! If you're between the ages of 18 and 30 and wish to live sustainably in a mobile community, volunteer, explore Canada, gain leadership skills, public speaking skills, and make a real difference in the world, download an application from http://www.otesha.ca/bike+tours/.

6. Links of the Month

The Canadian Environmental Awards Digest came out in the May issue of 
Canadian Geographic and guess who was featured in it?! None other than the super fabulous Triple-H Team from Heart Lake Secondary School!! Follow this link to see what this awesome team has been up to: http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/cea2007/gt_2006.asp

From June 30th – July 22nd Wheels for Change will be biking from Nelson to Victoria to demonstrate their commitment to action on climate change. This awesome group hopes to collectively cycle 40, 000 km and you can help! Interested in taking part? Visit their website at http://www.wheelsforchange.ca/

7. Postcard of the Month

“I will buy only second hand or organic clothes from now on” Zannah, Sydenham