Put the Great Lakes Tour to Sleep!

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June, 2005

Hello everyone out there in Otesha land! The GLT coordinators are looking for backyards, Church basements, open fields or any other (cost-free!) place to pitch their tents and lay out their sleeping bags in the cities listed below. If you know of anyone who might have information or contacts for them, email Sho and Lori at greatlakestour@otesha.ca. They would love it if you did!

Locations and Nights: Niagara Falls (July 5), Fort Erie (July 6),Wellandport (July 12), Dunnville (July 13), Port Dover (July 17),Brantford (July 21/22), Hamilton (July 26), Palmerston or Hariston (Aug. 1), Goderich (Aug. 4), St. Thomas (Aug. 12/13),Ridgetown (Aug. 15), Chatham (Aug. 16/17), Essex or Leamington (Aug. 18), Windsor (Aug. 20-26)