Rapping with David Suzuki

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July, 2015


Riding on Hope 
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal
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In this month's issue...
  1. Last chance to sign up for the Pedal to Plate Tour!
  2. Callout for Pedal to Plate Tour volunteers
  3. West Coast Tour: That’s a wrap (and a rap)!
  4. Apply for the East Coast Tour
  5. Five ways to feed your inner locavore this summer


Last chance to sign up for the Pedal to Plate Tour!

PTPT july image

It’s SUMMER! And that means our food-focused Pedal to Plate Cycling Tour is just around the corner. The nine-day adventure runs from July 18-26 in the Toronto area and is jam-packed with  awesome activities, including:
  • Farmers’ market scavenger hunt
  • Wild foraging workshop
  • Discussions on indigenous food security
  • Multiple farm tours and workshare opportunities
  • Sustainable animal husbandry workshop
  • Garden-building workshop
  • Greenhouse demonstration
  • Potlucks and loads of local food feasting!
Interested in joining? Sign up today! Know anyone with a love for local food? Share this info with them! Find all the details here.



Callout for Pedal to Plate Tour volunteers



We’re super stoked that multi-tour veteran Ashley Thackaberry will be joining the Pedal to Plate adventure this July as our Food Coordinator! Ashley will be whipping up locally sourced deliciousness for the team and could use an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. We’re looking for a volunteer who can travel between 30-60 minutes outside of Toronto to farms to help out. As a volunteer, you’d be welcome to tag along with us as long as you’d like! Interested in volunteering as the Pedal to Plate Tour’s sous-chef? Contact Emma!

Support vehicle
We’re also on the lookout for a support vehicle we can use to transport the team’s food and gear. We’re interested in borrowing a car from July 17-26th and will reimburse for mileage. Let Emma know if you’re able to help!


West Coast Tour: That’s a wrap (and a rap)!


Small but mighty. That about sums up the awesomeness of this year’s West Coast Tour, which wrapped up on June 24. From delivering educational performances to thousands of students to rapping with David Suzuki, the six-person team accomplished A LOT in beautiful British Columbia.

On top of their "official" tour stops, they took it upon themselves to attend a slew of unscheduled community events on their own time. These included spreading Otesha jam at poetry readings, a multicultural festival and Courtenay's Bike Week to name a few.

To our small but mighty magic-makers Seble, Annette, Daphne, Lara, Anne and Elizabeth: Congratulations and THANK YOU!

The 2015 West Coast Tour in Numbers:
  • Tour members: 6
  • Distance travelled: around 1,400 km
  • Days on the road: 45
  • Number of Otesha plays performed: 27
  • Number of audience members: ~3,700
  • Peanut butter jars finished: too many
  • Ice cream tubs scooped: 8
  • Rain days: 3
  • Bunnies spotted: 29
  • Deer spotted: 14
  • Flat tires: 5
  • Broken spokes: 2
  • Bike breakdowns: 13
  • Longest day on the road: 80 km
  • Bridges crossed: 6
  • Boats taken: 7
  • Islands visited: 3
  • Food donors: 21
  • Flash mobs: 9
Of course, they didn't do it alone. A huge shout-out to the countless volunteers, donors, hosts, teachers and kind-hearted strangers who provided their love and support to make the West Coast Tour happen!

Check out the West Coast Tour blog to read more about these sustainability superstars!


Apply for the East Coast Tour

Couldn’t join the spring Cycling and Performing Tour? Don’t fret! Another two-month adventure is happening this September and October in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Let the cliffs, culture and concentration of sea life in Canada’s majestic Maritimes fuel your passion for sustainability and social justice!

Visit our East Coast Tour page for all the details!


Five ways to feed your inner locavore this summer

Summer’s here! That means more bike trips to the farmers’ market, more backyard barbeques and more local options in the produce aisle. To celebrate summer and our upcoming Pedal to Plate Tour, we wrote an article for Huffington Post about our love for local food.

Check it out!


Last word

“The Otesha Project has given my life direction and meaning. It inspired me to make personal lifestyle changes and dedicate my life to environmental and social causes.”

-- Tania Cheng



Peace and bike grease,
The Otesha Project Team

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