Riding on Hope - April 2014

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April, 2014

Riding on Hope - Spring Fever is here

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Riding on Hope 
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal
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Earth day, Earth week or Earth Month!

IMG_2099 2We're already loving the month of April…the birds are back and signing, the sun seems a bit brighter, the colours a bit richer, our next velo-adventure is around the corner and loads of people are thinking about our beloved Mother Earth.
Spring fever is already getting us pretty chipper, but what we're really stoked about are all the environmental initiatives, activities and awareness that happens this month due to Earth Day. 
Earth day is the largest civic observance in the world – with over 1 billion participants! Celebrated annually on April 22nd, Earth day has help shape and globalize the modern environmental movement that we see today. Another fun fact – over time, Earth day has evolved into Earth week and Earth Month, and as a result the month of April is kept for a discourse on all things environment-focused. 
It’s hard to guess how wet the month of April will be, but this month is without a doubt blooming with environment-focused events! From large public events, such as the Party for the Planet in Surrey, the Green living show in Toronto, and Earth Day celebrations at Toronto Botanical Garden, to local grassroots events organized by school and community groups – there are many ways to make an impact. 
The everyday choices we make can and do have an impact on the planet. Take a look at Earth Day Canada’s top 10 action list to reduce your environmental impact. 

What are you doing in your community, workplace, or school, to create a more sustainable and just community that respects the commons of the environment? Let us know by starting a conversation on our Facebook Page.


Opportunity Knocks

Picture 005 2Volunteers needed in Fredericton May 1-11: We have a group of enthusiastic soon-to-be Otesha-ites coming together this Spring in Fredericton for The East Coast Tour: Riding the Tides of Change. One of the most fun times of tour is the playfully awkward and excited first meeting of team mates, the confusing first bike ride to the training week site, the silly dance parties, yummy food and familiar friendly faces that abound at an Otesha Training Week. If you’re interested in being a part of the juiciness, sign up to volunteer at Training Week in Fredericton at the very beginning of May this year. Fill in the form found here and Kayla will get in touch. 


We love Challenges! What about you?

Otesha-a-pen-portrait1 2Our friends at Otesha UK pose a challenge for themselves (and their readers) to live more sustainably, with each newsletter they send out. 
We at Otesha Canada love this challenge idea, and are keen to start the same thing here, in Riding on Hope. If you've got a great idea for a challenge for the Otesha community, email info@otesha.ca to send us your ideas. Here's Otesha UK's most recent challenge, some springtime bike fun! 
1. If your bike's rusting away - get it out, give it some love and get it (and your lovely self) back on the road. We'd love to see photos of you and your trusty steeds. 
2. If you're a regular bike commuter - try something new. What about a mini-weekend bicycle tour? It's a great way to see your local area, a wonderful, cheap holiday, and you'll feel so alive! Or go and get skilled up in bike-maintenance so you can be a self-sufficient cyclista. 
3. Help someone else get on their bike. Let's face it; some of us couldn't cycle much more if we tried. So why not support someone else to start cycling... you could join a campaign or give more practical support with bike maintenance, or join someone on their commute to work to help them feel more confident on the road. 
4. If cycling isn't for you, switching your travel habit, to foot or bus is super too!


Book review anyone?

oteshabook 2You know the big-O likes to keep things fresh and new, so we'd love to start a book review section for the ROH. We’re always looking for new great books to read! If your reading an interesting book send us your thoughts about it at info@otesha.ca, and we will add it to next month’s issue. Nice and easy, yes? 

To get us started, Kayla, the Programs Coordinator at the O-office, is currently reading The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollen. Pollen creatively uses the apple to examine the human desire for sweetness, the tulip to look into the desire for beauty, marijuana to explore pleasure and the potato, sustenance. It is a clever confluence between biology and human psychology, and implores the reader to critically analyze the relationship that humans have had, and continue to have with the plant world.



Community Initiatives 

Just Voices Choir

solstice2011 2Do you love to sing? Do you strive to make a positive impact in your community, and the world?  We are an energetic community choir based in Ottawa. We sing songs about social justice, peace, and the environment, including songs from around the world. 
We perform annual concerts and sing at various events that help to inspire hope, strengthen community spirit, and encourage change toward a better world. We are always happy to receive new members, and there is no audition process. Simply show up at one of our rehearsals and join in. The main requirement is that you can carry a tune, and the ability to read music is helpful, but not essential.
Please have at look at our website if you are interested in knowing more: www.justvoices.ca 


     Peace and Bike Grease,

 Kayla, Matt, Susan, Cedric



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