Spring Salutations, Celebrations, and So-Longs!

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April, 2007

Spring Salutations, Celebrations, and So-Longs!

Aloha! Spring has arrived at Otesha central and we are excited to see sunshine and sprouting seeds. It has been a hectic and exciting month as we frantically prepare to launch the first two bike tours on May 1st and as we say goodbye to some of our staff. We also said goodbye to our foster kitten of March, Finn, and hello to our new foster kitten of April, Horton! 

In this journal:
1- Otesha Featured in Cool New Book
2- Earth Day in Ottawa
3- Otesha Wish List
4- April Adieus
5- Link of the Month
6- Postcard of the Month

1. Otesha Featured in Cool New Book
The Otesha Project is featured in a recently pubished book called "Notes from Canada's Young Activists: A Generation Stands Up For Change" – a collection of essays and stories written by 25 young Canadian activists, including your very own Jessica Lax! You are invited to celebrate the launch of the book in Toronto on May 10, 2007 at the Centre for Social Innovation. Check out the invitation here: http://www.otesha.ca/files/ActivistEvite.pdf
There will also be a reception in Vancouver hosted by Action Canada. View the invite here: http://www.otesha.ca/files/ActivistEviteVan.pdf

2. Earth Day in Ottawa
Here at Otesha, we LOVE April because we LOVE Earth Day and any chance to celebrate our Mother Earth! We would like to invite you Ottawans to come celebrate Earth Day with us on Parliament Hill on Sunday, April 22nd at 2 pm. Watch the Lisgar Triple-H team perform at the event! Visit www.ourclimate.ca and our Upcoming Events page for more details:http://www.otesha.ca/the+project/upcoming+events.en.html

3. Otesha Wish List
April means spring cleaning and before you dive into that dusty drawer and cluttered cabinet and sweep away all that seemingly-useless stuff, check out the Otesha Wish List here:http://www.otesha.ca/being+the+change/take+action/wish+list%21.en.html!We are always looking for goodies like reusable one-sided paper and cereal boxes and bike tour equipment so if you’ve got anything you wouldn’t mind parting with that you think we could use, please give us a call at 613-237-6065! 

4. April Adieus
April also means several goodbyes at the Otesha office. Michelle and Jess have taken off to Vancouver, BC to train and launch the Rocky Mountain and the Sunshine Coast Tours, which begin May 1st. We are also saying goodbye to two of our fantabulous staff – Tania and Sho. Tania has been our tremendously talented co-op student for the past four months, and will be returning to school for the summer where she will be starting up a Triple-H team in Waterloo! If you are in the K-W area and are interested in getting involved, contact Tania at tania@otesha.ca. As well, after eight months in the office, the sensational superific Shoshanah is heading out to BC for some yoga and reconnection with old friends. Thank you and good luck to you both!

5. Link of the Month
Through the wonders of YouTube, you can now watch a clip of an Otesha performance! This seven-minute video is a hilariously wonderful rendition of the Otesha Morning Choices Play performed by the awesomely amazing Lisgar Triple-H team! Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyV0Be8KGmE

6. Postcard of the Month
“I’ve converted my vehicle to run on used cooking oil.”  Ron, New Brunswick

Til next month,
The Otesha Team & Horton, our Feline of Funk, purring to all you other cool cats, and rocking it four-footed style