Summer Journal

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August, 2007

Summer may be coming to an end but the Lake Superior Team, and the growing Ottawa Otesha team are just getting started! The East Coast and Maritime Teams have spent the past two months biking up one momma earth of an Otesha sensation, Otesha-fying Eastern Canada with the stylin’ consumer choices of Hopeful Hooligan! From charging full force into 90 km of headwind, fire-lit talent shows, resurrecting the superhero play - these spandex loving bikers just couldn’t get any funkier!  With so much happening in Otesha land, we just can’t wait to find new staff that will help us out in stirring up some marvelous mayhem!

In this journal:

1)    Lake Superior on Full Tilt

2)    Joining the O-Team!

3)    Otesha Jams

4)    September Events

5)    Link of the Month

6)    Postcard of the Month

1) Lake Superior on Full Tilt

Training for Otesha’s final 2007 tour at the Green Family Shared Farm is coming to an end. The team will be doing their performance debut at the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market, and then will be hitting the road for some fossil fuel free fun as they travel to Sudbury over the next two months. Be sure to check out the Lake Superior Journal andPhotos to follow these colorful Oteshaites on their one heck of a superior adventure!

2) Joining the O-Team

Otesha is expanding! We are looking to hire three new passionate and dedicated staff to start October 1st:

  •    Outreach and Development Director – Networker extraordinaire
  •       Director of Operations: Strategizer, funder communicator, evaluator, and internal team builder,
  •       Programs Director: Triple-h and bike tour co-ordinator and trainer.

Hiring is complete.

3) Otesha Jams

The Otesha Project is looking for five high-school teams of 10-15 ACTors. These teams will take part in our first Triple-H Otesha Jam, tentatively booked for Nov.16-18th, just outside of Ottawa.  Teams will be trained in sustainability issues, leadership skills, and to perform the Otesha Morning Choices play.

We will be booking info sessions with interested teams throughout the fall.  If you know of any keen high-school environmental clubs, teachers or students, please pass on the following link:

4)  September Events

Canadians wanting to do something about the environment can start by drinking tap water.” – David Suzuki

Otesha is partnering with the Polaris Institute and other community groups to host the Ottawa Community Forum: Bottled Water Safe. After a bottled water taste test, panelists at the forum will discuss the environmental and health risks of the bottled water industry, and community member will work on developing municipal action plans. 

When: Sept.29th, 1-5pm

Where: Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Lane

For more info on this campaign:

5) Link of the Month

From August 15th through September 7th, a team of youth will be cycling more than 1300 km across Alberta from Waterton-Glacier National Park to Fort McKay. Working towards creating a place for dialogue and action in regards to the Tar Sands Project, the journey of this group can be followed by visiting their website:

6) Postcard of the Month

Conservational flushing in effect! -  Heather, Winfield