Welcome winter!

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January, 2007

After many months of rain, ice pellets and above average weather, Ottawa is finally covered with a beautiful blanket of white fluffy snow. There is hope in the hearts of Rideau Canal skaters that the ice will finally reach the 25 to 30 centimetres required to open. We are holding our breath….

In this journal:

1. New Year, New Staff
2. Upcoming Otesha Events…and Lots of Them!
3. Bike Tour Updates
4. Article on Philippines Bike Tour
5. A Truly Inspiring Story
6. Postcard of the Month

1. New year…new staff…
The New Year brings 4 new staff members to the Otesha team. Barbara Hayes and Jason Sonier are joining us as the new Tour Logistics Coordinators (or TLC, as they deserve to be called). Barbara has been a stage manager and event coordinator in the Toronto area, and has been very involved in various environmental organizations. Jason brings with him a tone of experience in logistics coordination and is involved in many music, dance and other artistic projects. Tania Cheng joins for a four-month internship. She has been involved with Otesha as a Triple H member. She’s enthusiastic, productive, and an amazing organizer. Genevieve LeGal-Leblanc has joined the team as the new Operation’s Director. She’s managed and coordinated children and youth programs in a variety of different settings, and is excited to join such a dedicated and inspiring team.

2. Upcoming Events…and lots of them!
The O Team will be extremely busy in the next few months with a variety of exciting and incredibly inspiring events – three of which we’d like to invite you to!

For those of you in the Ottawa area we have two fun events coming up! On January 30, the Lisgar Triple-H Team will do a presentation here at the Otesha Home, followed by a merry book-making party! Also, on February 13 and March 6 we’re having another of our informative Hope-full Home Tours. The following link gives you more details:http://www.otesha.ca/the+project/upcoming+events.en.html

For those in the Toronto and surrounding area, you’re invited to the Otesha Celebration on February 24, 2007. We will present a dynamic overview of our work, outstanding young people will share their passion and insights, and an Otesha slideshow will be shown. There will be 2007 bike tour members, alumni, Triple-H participants, most of the Ottawa Otesha staff team as well as many Otesha friends. Please feel free to invite anyone who might be interested! This link has the details:http://www.otesha.ca/the+project/upcoming+events.en.html

3. Bike Tour Update
We’ve received over 80 applications for bike tour members. Keep them coming, there are still spaces available in some of the tours!
We’re also in the process of hiring the bike tour leaders and drivers. We received an incredible number of applications from superb individuals. Thanks to all who have shown interest!

4. Article on Philippines Bike Tou
You can read about the bike tour in the Philippines that Jess took part in last month:http://www.youthactionnet.org/new/biketour.cfm

5. A Truly Inspiring Story
We found this story about a young activist in the States on the BBC News website and thought you would find it inspiring:

6. Postcard of the Month
“Bring your own mug when you travel on the plane, and save a pile of disposable, unrecycled plastic cups!” Remy, White Horse, Yukon