Will you be ready on November 1st?

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October, 2012

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Riding on Hope
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal
Will you be ready for November 1st?

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How will you grow in 2013?
This may be unfair. A teaser, a whole month in advance? Yep, we’re doing it.

Get ReadyIn 2013, we’re turning over a new leaf and branching out. We’re excited to grow in new ways that make us more joyful, more informed, and more effective advocates for sustainability and social justice.
This November 1st, The Otesha Project launches our 2013 Tours. We’ve got a menu of community building, mind-expanding, life-changing experiences for the big, the small, for one and all. Will you be ready?
Stay tuned via our Facebook Page, ¨friend¨ us, and keep an eye on our Twitter for sneak peaks and special early bird promos. The countdown begins! 31 days to go...

Phenomenal Food TourNews from the Road
“What a wonderful performance with a very important, current message!...You’ve left us with some great things to talk about and follow up with in our classrooms, both in our academic programs as well as our extracurricular initiatives – character development, green team/garden club, and WE Team. Many thanks!”
-      Vice Principal, Westheights P.S.
As you read this, there are 15 dedicated volunteers brining much needed hope and inspiration to Ontario students about how each one of us has the power to create incredible change for more sustainable and fair communities, at home and afar, through the power of our daily actions. They have cycled through rain and sun; they have been humble learners in the communities they’ve visited and vibrant leaders in the schools where they’ve presented. From Otesha HeadQuarters, we want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to each and every member of the Water Works and Phenomenal Food Tours. You are timely ambassadors for sustainability and social justice in our communities.
water works tour
Send your love to the Phenomenal Food and Water Works Tours via Twitter.
Or post your love to our Facebook Page and we’ll make sure they see it!
Meet the tour members, read their blog, and find out what you can do to help spread their message here.

Organic Affair InviteNews from Otesha HQ
Upcoming Events

Join us at Powershift and Sierra Youth Coalition’s Healthy Campuses Conference! Staff from Otesha HQ are packing our panniers and hitting the road to learn, network and share with leaders in youth environmental and justice movements.
Otesha’s Annual Fundraiser, the Organic Affair, is just over a month away. Contact Shirley Manh (shirley@otesha.ca) to find out about invitations or hosting a table.
Youth dedicate a day to Community Involvement

On Saturday, Carleton Students mobilized and hit the town for a day to promote and engage in community service. Otesha HQ extends a big thank you to the Carleton Serves students that volunteered their Saturday to bring some smiles to cyclists faces as we spread Bike Love around the town.tree 

Walking the Talk

If you’ve ever received a letter or tax receipt from The Otesha Project, you may have noticed that one of the ways we try to reduce our environmental footprint is by printing on the reverse side of already used paper. Easy enough, right? (It also has the fringe benefit of providing curious extra reading material on the back of our letters.) We were pondering the other day...how much paper might that have saved over the years? Here is our rough guesstimate:

Printing an average of 5 pages/day on 260 days/year = 1300 pages/ year.
1300 pages x 10 years of Otesha = 13 000 pages

One tree produces about 16.67 reams of paper or about 8 333.3 sheets of standard business paper (ConservaTree)
13 000/8333.3 = 1.6 trees saved

If one tree absorbs about 1 ton of carbon in its lifetime (Conservation Fund), this little paper-reuse habit in our office has sequestered at least 1.6 tons of carbon emissions…cool!

Bikes Tubes and Gratitude from Matt, Kira, Elly and Shirley

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