Woo-hoo, let there be snow!

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December, 2006

It seems dreary November made folks dream of next summer’s adventures… because we have already received over 40 bike tour applications!! The word has been spreading far and wide – we’ve even had applications from Spain, Australia, UK and Uganda! We’re still accepting applications for all tour positions, and we’ve made some posters for you to download and put up if you’re interested. Go to http://otesha.ca/bike+tours/index.en.html and look towards the bottom of the page :-)

Exciting journal entries: 
Otesha-YAFE Philippines Bike Tour
Seeking Tour Communications/ Driver Interns 
Interesting links: Anti-Global Warming Debate and The Stress-Free Christmas?
Postcard of the Month

YAFE-Otesha Philippines Bike Tour
Otesha’s Jessica Lax is currently on a bike tour in the province of Laguna in the Philippines! The Otesha Project and the Young Artists Fellowship for the Environment (YAFE) have been working together for the past year on the Youth for Global Justice collaboration project. YAFE is a Philippines-based organization that uses art as a platform for environmental advocacy. The YAFE-Otesha Bike Tour involves a mobile theater and art exhibit that will travel across the province of Laguna, Philippines. Check out YAFE's website for more details about this exciting project! www.yafe.ph.

Seeking Tour Communications/ Driver Interns
We are still accepting applications for our tour intern positions, including for the non-cyclist Tour Communications/Driver positions. This internship is a rare opportunity to be an integral component of an incredible team of mobile change-makers, without physically biking. The intern’s dazzling logistical coordination skills and trusty support vehicle will enable the team to inspire audiences. See http://www.otesha.ca/files/InternshipTourDriver2007.doc for more details.

Interesting Links:
The Global Warming “Debate”
Ever wondered how scientific fact, which many believe could determine the very future of the planet, became a political battleground, pitting left versus right, environmentalist versus climate change skeptic? The Denial Machine follows a small but powerful group of scientists who argue, among other claims, that global warming may be a good thing and it investigates their links to the oil and coal industries. This documentary is definitely a must see! http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/denialmachine/

Buy Nothing Christmas
As December approaches and the world is gearing up for the season of over-consumption, we thought we’d throw another option into the mix. To sidestep stress, debt, and insanity of shopping malls, more and more people are starting the “Buy nothing” Christmas tradition with their friends and family. This means making each other gifts, going on a family outing, making a donation to a charity, or perhaps giving coupons for back massages, baby sitting, or special dinners! Meanwhile, other folks are going so far as to take the message of simplifying to the shopping malls! Cleverly rewritten carols such as “Uh Oh We’re in the Red, Dear” and “Consumer Wonderland” say a lot more about our consumer culture than the traditional lyrics! Seehttp://www.buynothingchristmas.org/ for lots of ideas and resources.

Favourite postcard of the month:
“This week, my friend and I drew up a proposal for more cost-efficient, practical options for vegetarians in our cafeteria, gathered signatures, and met with the principal!” - Reiko, St. Cloud, Minnesota (Jess did a keynote speech there last month at a youth Social Justice Conference)

On these notes, we hope that you may enjoy all the things you truly wish for! With peace and in joy, The Otesha Crew