Kootenay Mountain Tour Team Members

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Sean Terrell: Hello all! The Otesha Project will be my very first opportunity to travel a great distance via bicycle, as well as take part in a scripted theatrical performance; BOY AM I EXCITED! I am originally from the West Coast from a small town called Tsawwassen (just south of Vancouver).  But,during the last few years I have been able to be free flowing and follow my heart.  This had led me from Canada’s great west coast to the eastern seaboard, as well as down the pacific coast of the United States. It has been fantastic!  Now I find myself getting revved up for the fall, I can hardly contain my excitement to embark on this journey through the mountains.  As for what I am doing now, I create music and colourful artwork with the intention that it will inspire smiles, joy, thoughts and dreams for my listeners and supporters. I also play music on the streets of many Canadian cities and find great joy in being theatrical and silly; bringing smiles to strangers’ faces from my experience is a very effective way to get any message across to an audience, therefore the fit with Otesha feels somewhat perfect. I consider the Otesha Project to be an unbelievably amazing opportunity for me to become more educated about and to spread the word about sustainable living, and also to give me skills towards living a holistically sustainable lifestyle. To do this whilst nurturing my transient needs, what more could I ask for?

Kayla Cornthwaite: Howdy! One thing everyone should know is how pumped I am to embark on this journey! You all should also know how difficult of a time I had to write this intro, so bear with me. I graduated this year from University here in Nickel City, or Sudbury, Ontario. I received my BA in English Literature so I think one thing I’m used to doing is reading about epic adventures; Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Troy, Gullivers Travels, the list goes on... Now I am free from education and can have a little bit of my own adventure. I also took courses in Environmental Biology, which is where my concern for sustainability comes in.

Since I’ve learned of my two loves in life, art and sustainability, I have been trying to figure out a way to use both and Otesha appears to be the perfect outlet. I have spent a lot of time volunteering for great causes based out of my hometown, but am ultimately excited to do something outside of my current comfort zone. Now begins my journey into awesomeness that will last far beyond the Otesha tour.

What kinds of things do I do in my spare time you ask? Well I know I am an English graduate and reading can be fun, but folks there is a lot more to the story than that. I’ve become rather fond of playing guitar and singing, painting, rock climbing, kayaking (or canoeing), spending time at the beach and last but not least, writing. My goal for this trip is to connect with as many people as possible and be inspired to keep living the dream; sustainably of course.


Emily Bedal:  I am pumped to be a part of this project! I am currently making friends with lots of cows and horses, (and my vintage road bike Rocky Raccoon), while training in Boulder, CO. Originally I am from the Burbs of Chicago, IL, where I grew up dancing to soul music, performing Lion King to unsuspecting family friends, and winning spelling bees (sometimes). In college I performed with an African Gospel Choir and African Dance Troupe and so now I love all things rhythm and color. Most recently, I travelled to thirteen countries with Semester at Sea, and realized the stork accidentally dropped me off in the United States instead of Africa! More importantly, through falling in love with the strangers in Japanese bathhouses and beautiful radiant people on the other side of the world, I have developed a passion for traveling and meeting souls with a bright hope for the future. I think it is important to always look at ourselves and our choices honestly. I am hoping to continue my songwriting on this journey with Otesha, hopefully translating the intense learning experience through music that I can share.  Maybe I will even write some fat beats for Otesha inspiration. I will also be working on inventing an umbrella hat, to fit over her bike helmet.

Julia Earley:  I'm from Melbourne, Australia and first found out about Otesha through the sister project - The Otesha Project (Australia). I met the amazing team of cycling performers (or performing cyclists) on their tour from Melbourne to Canberra and was immediately convinced I had to get involved. I'll be in the United States in August with family so it made perfect sense to join a Canadian tour. In fact, The Otesha Project just makes perfect sense to me. 

My study and work background is in the arts, and I've grown up with an awareness of social justice and environmental issues. I'm really interested in ethical arts projects, and how the arts can be used to explore these two interdependent aspects of sustainability. I'm a commuter cyclist but am really excited to be travelling long distance on a bike, at the same time learning (and teaching) about how to have a positive impact on the world. I like things in unnecessarily bright colours, I could spend hours looking at a map, I think haloumi is the ultimate superior substitute for bacon and I hope to run an eco-friendly arts and music festival one day.

Dino Rudniski: Dino Rudniski was born and raised in the Yukon. He is currently enrolled in the Northern Outdoor and Environmental Studies program in college. Dino has a fond interest in the performing arts, where he has studied theatre, dance, karate, and music. He also enjoys drawing and writing. A recent endeavor that Dino is undertaking is a cycle tour that will push himself towards his physical limits.





Emily Zenowski: I wanna bike with this tour because the idea is SO RIGHT.  I met some lovely people from an Otesha group in Ottawa at a music festival while waiting in line for the bathroom and they made me laugh a lot.  Their recycled shirts were a good idea, I thought.  Met the rest of the group, and they way that they were united was beautiful.  Really looking forward to putting on the play and being ridiculous.  Truly urged to join Otesha after glimpsing into a world of positive progression!!


Tyler Walker: Tyler's bicycle, Scott John the Dragon, first came to life in the sunny Summer of 2008.  Built lovingly out of recycled parts in Tyler's home town of Victoria, BC, Scott John has taken Tyler on many adventures all over the world.  This will be Scott John's 3rd Otesha Tour, thanks to the mechanical and emotional support of his rider!  Of course, Tyler has become skilled at wrenching on recycled bicycles; he's volunteered for Maya Pedal in Guatemala, taught bicycle mechanics in Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, and across Canada, and now works educating youth about bikes for the non-profit PEDAL in Vancouver, BC.  With interests in enterprising non-profits, youth work, and sustainable living practices, Tyler is excited to share his passion again with Otesha this fall!

Andrea Simmonds: I am passionate about living with awareness, integrity, and moving slow.  This brings me to where I am today.  I also love to multitask and go fast, finding balance in life.  Truth inspires me, and I am searching for what feels truest to my nature.  This is my most ambitious bicycle ride thus far and I am looking very forward to the peaks and valleys of this adventure, and all the stops along the way.. Things I love; looking up at the stars at night and feeling like they are guiding me along, Empowerment, Water, Air, Earth, Fire.  Balance. Beauty. And what it means to be human, to truly thrive as these beings.  We Are Alive!  Muchas Gracias!