June 2008 Journal

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Juin, 2008

Just like our garden, Otesha is sprouting and growing – with two spring teams on the road, two summer teams ready to start and a staff that's about to get one person bigger…

In this month's journal:

1. We're hiring
2. Canadian Geographic Environmental Award
3. Otesha on the big screen
4. High school team update
5. Website of the Month
6. Postcard of the Month

1. We're hiring

Do you love trees? Eco friendly soap? Sweatshop free t-shirts? Can you compost, recycle, and lube a bike chain all at the same time? If so, and if you have a real passion for the work that The Otesha Project does, then you might be just the person we are looking for to fill the position of Programs Director. This role involves the planning and booking of cycling tours, which includes finding performance opportunities, securing free accommodations, and booking learning opportunities, so in addition to the eco friendly soap, a strong logistical aptitude is important.

For more information on working for Otesha and the specific responsibilities of this position, please click here. Application deadline: July 2nd. Start date: August 5th (flexible)

2. Canadian Geographic Environmental Award!

This month The Otesha Project was a recipient of a Canadian Geographic Environmental Award. As a finalist for the Sustainable Living category, Otesha was in the company of two other amazing organizations: Local Food Plus and The Sisters of Providence Heirloom Seed Sanctuary. The award was presented in Toronto over a '100-mile' meal among a group of grassroots Canadian changemakers – what an inspiring night! Watch for Otesha's profile in the June issue of Canadian Geographic.

3. Otesha on the big screen

Well if getting a national environmental award wasn't enough to make our heads swell, being movie stars will certainly do the trick. On Friday June 20th, David Chernushenko's film "Be the Change" will premiere at Carleton University. "Be the Change" explores the motivations for, and the challenges and rewards of, trying to live more lightly. This 100-kilometre film is made entirely in the Ottawa region and features footage of The Otesha Project in action. The film's launch is free and open to the public so come and check it out!

Friday June 20, 7pm - Bell Theatre, Minto Centre, Carleton University. For more information, visit: http:// http://www.livinglightly.ca/film

4. High school team update

This Fall, Otesha will host the first ever Otesha Jam! The Jam will bring together teams of 10-15 students from five different schools in the Ottawa area to be trained as official Hopeful High school Hooligan teams! The three day training is happening from November 7-9th and will include sessions about environmental and social justice issues, leadership, team building, and of course, learning the one-and-only Otesha play! If you're a high school teacher or student and interested in the program, email tripleh@otesha.ca for more information, or check it out on our website:http://www.otesha.ca/triple-h%21/index.en.html 

5. Website of the month

In January 2008, Ottawa resident Amber Westfall bravely took on the challenge of buying nothing new for an entire year (except for food, of course). Her adventures, lessons learned and purchases are all documented online through her "Unstuffed" blog:


Amber updates her blog regularly and includes tons of links and resources about living lightly in the Ottawa area. But be warned: there's so much awesome info that you may find yourself passing hours in front of the computer clicking the links soaking it all in…

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6. Postcard of the month

"I will look at the things I buy and see if they are made by a person who gets paid fairly."

-Karly, age 8