Triple-H 2004-5

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The Triple-H teams of 2004-5!

Cobourg and Brighton Training Weekend

Jan.7-9th: Our first ever Triple-H weekend was a huge success! Extremely talented students from the two teams representing C.D.C.I.E and E.N.S.S. came together and created two amazing Otesha presentations with new jokes, character personalities, and a Cobourg/Brighton twang! It was an 'out of the water' weekend! These two Cobourg crews have reached over 1000 youth in their community already - and there are more presentations to come!



Lakefield Training Weekend

Jan.14th-16th: We never knew that spending a weekend in a small carpeted classroom could be so much fun! Lakefield students were up for the challenge, and the weekend was filled with great discussion, inspiration, and lots of laughs. Their Otesha presentation blew our organic socks off, and this team of hopeful youth is on the loose!




Applewood Training Weekend

Jan. 28th-30th: Twelve fabulous Applewood students and their dedicated teacher inspired us with their preparation for the weekend, their committment, and their talent. This team had so much energy we had to kick it into high-gear just to keep up! Their Otesha presentation is in a cl-amazing class all on its own!




Unionville Training Weekend

Feb.4th-6th: Unionville's Eco-Action club had us rolling in laughter after watching their fabulous rendition of the Otesha skit. With warm winter weather we played theatre games in the sunshine, and shared a lot of learning and inspiration. The weekend was so marvellous that it was one of those 'never can tell' or really explain experiences!




Brampton Training Weekend

Feb.11th-13th: After a close call with our loss of space, both of these schools came together for a fabulous weekend! Books were made, good food was eaten, and the presentations came together like magic! Our first male careless consumer made his debut, we have some hilarious hopeful twins, and both teams are ready to revolutionize Brampton!




Ottawa Training Weekend

Feb. 18-20th: Our final Triple-H weekend went down in Otesha's hometown Ottawa! Lisgar CI teamed up with Lazo - a local Latin American organization - to field a team of uber-energetic, ultra-talented, donut-guzzling funkmasters! This group of 'non-actors' displayed amazing ease on stage, creative additions (like a crazy wig on Careless' Mom, and Mothers Earths afraid of what their Moms would do when she saw their 'Tup 4 Life' tattoos) and a natural hopefulness. Their pure musical, theatrical, and public speaking gifts will Ostentatiously Oteshafy O-Town (Triple-O) quicker than Lev eats donuts, but it won't be as gross!